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            Looking for Academic Leaders, Potential Academic Leaders and Senior Professionals

            The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, highly recognized both at home and abroad for strong overall strength, high medical quality and distinctive disciplinary features, is among the first National Medical Centers and National-level Regional Medical Centers co-built by the National Health Commission and Zhejiang province. In terms of comprehensive strength, the Hospital ranked #4 in 2018 Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics of Hospitals in China released by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Eight specialties came into National Top 10, of which Infectious Diseases ranked #1 for six consecutive years.
            We are now hiring academic leaders, potential academic leaders and senior professionals of clinical medicine and medical technology (especially in the field of orthopedics and PET scan), who shall:
            1. Have good clinical, research and management ability and no record of misconduct;
            2. Have a doctor’s degree from prestigious universities;
            3. Be no more than 60 years old (academic leaders); no more than 55 years old (potential academic leaders); and no more than 45 years old (senior professionals);
            4. Have international academic vision and ideas to lead the development of respective specialties; strong academic influence and a good reputation in the field;
            5. Have long working experience in famous health care institutions.
            We offer competitive negotiable salary for each of you. If interested, please feel free to contact:
            TEL: +86 (0571) 87231396
            E-mail: zyyyrlzyb@163.com

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