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            Message from the president

            Wang WeiLin
            Director of The First Affiliated Hospital?of Medical School of?Zhejiang?University

            My heartiest thanks for your browsing this website of the FAHZU.

            The FAHZU is a teaching hospital of the School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, which is one of the best universities in China and is located in Hangzhou City, east China's Zhejiang Province.

            With persistent efforts by all its staff and my eminent predecessors through nearly 70 years since its founding in 1947, this hospital is now ranked a top 10 medical facility in China and is driving to be a first-rate medical center in the world.

            To those who seek the doctor's advice, we are committed to provide first-rate medical and healthcare services. We are able to do it.

            With our colleagues all over the world, we hope to work together to create miracles for the sake of human health. We are capable of doing it.

            Let me hereby invite all of you to visit this hospital at your convenience, and I promise you will find the visit full of great opportunities.

            Introduction of hospital


            In the November of 1947, Mr. Zhu Kezhen, the Headmaster of Zhejiang University, created National Zhejiang University (Zheda Hospital in short) as the Affiliated Hospital and was determined to develop this institute into one of the first-class hospitals in China. In the initial operative phase, the institute faced several challenges because of inadequate facilities and the unavailability of several equipments. The Hospital had 66 employees and 65 beds and was known as an alley hospital at that time. The First President, Professor Wang Jiwu, taught by precept and examples to fulfill the mission and inherited a truth-seeking attitude. He managed the hospital using scientific concepts...

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            Hospital purpose


            Address:?79 Qingchun road,Hangzhou,China
            Email: zdyy6616@126.com
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